Odoo POS + Credit card integration

Odoo POS credit card payment gateway module helps with payment checkout on odoo POS.

Credit card payment is used to accept online payments over the Internet.

Credit card payment gateway handles everything, including storing card details, full refund & partial refund.

Users enter their credit card details during the checkout process resulting in a quicker payment access.

This module allows you to add another payment method to your odoo POS.


  • POS Credit card payment gateway allows POS payment transactions quickly and easily.
  • Credit card Payment Gateway supports Mastercard, Visa, American Express, etc.
  • Credit card payment gateway, provides better security management using card verification code.
  • It manages refund directly from the admin/sellers account.
  • It is one of the faster payment processing methods.


In POS do configurations for credit card payment.


Under Point of sale, go to POS payment, then click on payment acquirers. A list of all the POS payment acquirer will appear, click on credit card checkout for the configurations.

Login to your credit card payment account


Under your account you will find menu for api, click on api to copy the api keys for odoo integration.

Provide api keys for integration


Paste the copied api keys from credit card account and then save it for successful odoo credit card integration.

POS order view


Firstly select the customer to an order on your odoo pos running session, then add the items to an order and proceed for online payment.

Making payments online


Admin selects the payment option here, customer provides the card details for making payments.

Detailed view of order transaction


Under POS payment, click on the payment transactions menu, you will find the list of POS transactions, there you can apply filter to see payments done via credit card .

Detailed view of order transaction


Click on a particular transaction out of the list of transactions to check upon its details and transaction id.

credit card Dashboard view


Go to payments to view the list of all transactions done using credit card payment acquirer on odoo POS.

Detailed view of order transaction


Click on a particular transaction to have a detailed of order payments.